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Discussions About A Career In Cinema: Vilmos Zsigmond, Cinematographer

Vilmos Zsigmond was given the “Pierre Angénieux Excellens in Cinematography” award at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival following a very long and successful career as a cinematographer. He is known for his work on Robert Altman’s McCabe & Mrs. Miller and The Long Goodbye, John Boorman’s Deliverance, and Steven Spielberg’s The Sugarland Express and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, for which he won an Academy Award. He has collaborated with Woody Allen in various films including Melinda and Melinda, Cassandra’s Dream and You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger. Zsigmond has also worked with visionary directors like Brian De Palma on Obsession, Blow Out, Bonfire of the Vanities and most recently The Black Dahlia.

1:07 – Advice on getting a start in Hollywood and how to stand out from the crowd 6:10 – What makes the picture – light 6:55 – Still versus moving 10:14 – Telling the story through light and composition 14:13 – New generation needs to draw inspiration from the classics – educate yourself 20:00 – Vilmo’s new beginnings in America 24:20 – First foot in the door 29:15 – Academy nomination was a large stepping stone to success 34:28 – Friendships and colleagues 38:55 – Getting a feel for collaborators 43:50 – Common ground and new connections