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Discussions About A Career In Cinema: Roman Vasyanov, Cinematographer

Hailing from Moscow, Russia, Roman Vasyanov got his start in still photography. Having graduated from the Russian film institute, VGIK, in 2003, he went on to be involved in projects like The Hipsters, The Gift, and various acclaimed commercials. Vasyanov won the Grand Prix Award at the 2010 Cannes Lions International Festival in the Film Craft category. In recent years, he has gained acclaim for David Ayer’s End of Watch and Fury.

0:00 – An early introduction to still photography

2:10 – A trail of breadcrumbs back to roots in still photography

4:17 – Childhood influences – exhibitions, developing film, and a local community of artists in Moscow

6:03 – Magical moment

6:14 – Applying to film school and learning about iconic films

9:05 – A second try at film school inspired by Vadim Yusov

10:57 – Humble beginnings and a helping hand

12:18 – A thirst for international film knowledge and the influence of English language

15:06 – Just start shooting

16:01 – Vadim Yusov’s rigid discipline

16:46 – A shift to color and the influence of Storaro & Bertalucci

19:17 – Learn by doing

19:45 – Highs and lows

21:29 – The next big move – abroad

25:28 – First feature and the beginning of “career”

28:22 – An invitation to America

29:42 – A chance to do something different

32:06 – Cinematic inspiration from Roger Dickens

34:41 – New filmmakers are inspired by past filmmakers and innovate

36:19 – Directors using cinematographers from different niches to achieve great films

37:20 – A foreign landscape as an effect on outside filmmakers

41:45 – What it takes to make it

45:21 – The relationship between director and cinematographer begins with admiration

47:55 – Radical styles and methods must be treated with careful attention, care and–most importantly—soul.